We never underestimate a seven-year-old...  

At Redmaids’ High Junior School, we recognise the developmental importance of reaching the milestone age of seven. It’s when children begin to develop logical thought, apply creative thinking to problem-solving, and is the optimum age for the development of memory. 

As you will see from our film, we never underestimate our seven-year-olds. When girls join us from Year 3, they are ready to challenge us. Their curiosity encourages them to ask questions and see the world through magical, inquisitive eyes. 

 To really see why Redmaids' High Juniors is the perfect place for your daughter, you need to visit us in person and see it for yourself. 

Our next Visiting Morning on Thursday 25 April 2024 will allow you to see why we never underestimate our seven-year-olds, and beyond.
Alternatively, we're happy to arrange an individual tour at a time that suits you.  
Please contact Mrs. Naomi Brady (Headteacher’s PA and Admissions Registrar) on 0117 989 8427 or by emailing junioradmissions@redmaidshigh.co.uk


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